Failing Equipment!

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In the last post I wrote I was really happy to have my HTC HD2 back. The screen was replaced because it was shattered due to it falling on a sidewalk. At the moment I’m not that happy anymore. After reinstalling the phone, the first thing I noticed was that GPS reception was down quite a bit. Later I discovered a vertical yellow line on the left side of the screen. It’s clearly visible it this picture. Due to me being visual impaired and the fact that I’m using a black theme on my phone, I must have missed it before. The general reception seems to be down as well, ’cause I’m getting ‘G’ in a lot of places where I used to get ‘H’, which is two steps down, as ‘3G’ is in between ‘G’ and ‘H’. I wonder what’s gonna happen next. I haven’t heard anything yet.

Last week I also got my Canon EOS 5D Mark II back.
The AF system, which hasn’t been working well from the start, had been fixed. It’s a huge difference. The camera is responding in a way that’s new to me.
I was really happy. Until later that is. When I was filming in a photo studio later that day, I discovered a few hot pixels that are really visible in the videos. A bright red on is clearly visible in this picture I took with my phone. After using Dead/Hot Pixel Tester, I found that there are many hot pixels. I found 29 hot pixels in lower ISO shots and 79 in high ISO shots. I notified Canon about it, but haven’t heard back yet.

I wonder how these issues will be resolved. I won’t be sending in either my phone or my camera soon though because of the upcoming holidays in which I need both of them. The whole situation sucks though.