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Failing Equipment!

In the last post I wrote I was really happy to have my HTC HD2 back. The screen was replaced because it was shattered due to it falling on a sidewalk. At the moment I’m not that happy anymore. After reinstalling the phone, the first thing I noticed was that GPS reception was down quite a bit. Later I discovered a vertical yellow line on the left side of the screen. It’s clearly visible it this picture. Due to me being visual impaired and the fact that I’m using a black theme on my phone, I must have missed it before. The general reception seems to be down as well, ’cause I’m getting ‘G’ in a lot of places where I used to get ‘H’, which is two steps down, as ‘3G’ is in between ‘G’ and ‘H’. I wonder what’s gonna happen next. I haven’t heard anything yet.

Last week I also got my Canon EOS 5D Mark II back.
The AF system, which hasn’t been working well from the start, had been fixed. It’s a huge difference. The camera is responding in a way that’s new to me.
I was really happy. Until later that is. When I was filming in a photo studio later that day, I discovered a few hot pixels that are really visible in the videos. A bright red on is clearly visible in this picture I took with my phone. After using Dead/Hot Pixel Tester, I found that there are many hot pixels. I found 29 hot pixels in lower ISO shots and 79 in high ISO shots. I notified Canon about it, but haven’t heard back yet.

I wonder how these issues will be resolved. I won’t be sending in either my phone or my camera soon though because of the upcoming holidays in which I need both of them. The whole situation sucks though.

Adobe RGB vs. ProPhoto!

I opened a CR2 file, of a picture I took at Madurodam, in Photoshop through Camera Raw both as ProPhoto and as Adobe RGB and saved them as JPG.
The colors are very different.
The Adobe RGB version looks much better.
I don’t get it. Shouldn’t that be the other way around?

Gossen Digipro F Lightmeter!


Gossen Digipro F Lightmeter!, originally uploaded by Jan Polet.

I also got this Gossen Digipro F lightmeter.

LCW Fader ND Filter!


LCW Fader ND Filter!, originally uploaded by Jan Polet.

Today I got this Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Filter!
2 – 8 stops variable light blocker.

I forgot the to include the lens cap in the picture that’s included in the package.


Sterre, originally uploaded by Jan Polet.

My seven years old daughter Sterre.