As you can probably guess when you look at my 1:200 diecast collection, I love model aircraft.
Like many others, I used to display my models on the wooden or plain surface of a desk or shelf. That wasn’t ideal, so I started thinking about how to make it look better.
It took some time, but I ended up designing a couple of 1:200 airport ground plates that would fit my needs and also the size of my shelves.

The first and second images above show an earlier version of the plates. The third image is the final version.

1:200 Double Sided Airport Ground Plate

A 70 x 35 cm double sided 3 mm forex board with a matte laminated finish is the first result.
The weight of one plate is around 400 grams, which is just under 1lb.

There are two designs on one plate:

  • front side: 3 x C stand, modeled after stands at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
  • back side: 2 x D/E stand, diagonally placed in order to make them fit on 70 x 35 cm
  • C stands can facilitate aircraft with a wingspan of up to, but not including, 36 meters, like a 737 or A321.
  • D stands are for larger aircraft like the 757, 767, with a wingspan of up to 52 meters.
  • E stands are for aircraft like the 747, 777, 787, A330 and A350, with a wingspan of up to 65 meters.

On these plates D stands and E stands are combined into D/E stands.

I cheated a bit, because I also included the 747-8 and A380, which is technically wrong because they are F classification aircraft, but in certain situations it could sort of fit.
Otherwise only one stand would be possible per plate and that’s not something I’m planning on creating at the moment. Because of lack of room, most collectors have models too close to each other anyway. 😉

I myself use the plates side by side, but both designs can connect to each other in several different ways, as shown in the image above, showing 4 plates.

The designs contain stands with aircraft type and other markings, roads, designated areas for jetways and other ground service equipment and more.

The airport ground plates are laminated to give them a scratch resistant surface. To a certain level of course.
During production the plates are cut to size, which is always done within a certain tolerance. Therefore the design might not always connect 100 percent. In my opinion that’s a small price to pay for the flexibility it creates.

Pricing (temporarily sold out)

The airport ground plates have a price tag of € 27,50 each, excluding shipping.

At the moment the plates are temporarily sold out, but if you’re interested, let me know.
If you have any questions or remarks, please contact me at

Availability at Shows

These plates will also be available for sale at the stall of PVR Aviation Collectibles at the following shows:

  • no shows planned at the moment

Second Double Sided Airport Ground Plate

I’ve been working on a second ground plate.
It is a combination of 2 D/E stands and 2 C stands. The 2 D/E stands are now positioned 45 degrees to the right instead of 60 degrees.
The design for the other side of this double sided plate is sort of mirrored. It also features 2 D/E stands and 2 C stands, but the 2 D/E stands are facing to the left.

Altough the colors are a bit different, the designs of this plate connect to both sides of the original Airport Ground Plate.

This second plate is finished and the test plates I ordered are great.

The size of this second plate matches the original one and the price is the same as well.

It’s not available yet, but if you’re interested, please let me know by sending an email to

Future Plans

Other designs I’m working on are a plate with a taxiway that would connect to the new plates (2 C + 2 D stands) and the threshold of runway 24.
These designs will not connect to the original plate.

This is an example of the way multiple plates could be connected.

I’m sure I’ll be creating more designs, including ones with wear and cracks and maybe 1:400 as well. So please check back regularly to find out what’s new.

When you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, let me know.